The Resonance Path

weaves a new story

through the fabric of your life —

a story of connection,

of significance,

of meaning,

of authenticity,

of a truth beyond words.

The Resonance Path

is not a destination:

It is an exploration.

It is not an answer:

It is an inquiry.

It is not a statement:

It is a conversation.

It is not an achievement:

It is a practice.

Join us.

You are needed here.

As the path weaves our

lives in the new story,


we will weave the path.

The Resonance Path is a community of inquiry and practice.

Together, we ask questions, explore, and develop our skills in cultivating resonance.


Sharing What We Learn

As we explore the cultivation of resonance, we share our learning here on Joe and Spring are writing and curating, building a resource library for all to use. Community members are invited to contribute their own articles as well.


Hosting Thriving Conversations

We intend to push the boundaries of what is possible. To do so, we must learn from one another, challenge one another, be inspired by one another. To serve this purpose we host conversations in many forms for members of our community: online forum, interactive conference calls, and live local meetings.


Pioneering New Practices

The way we currently do life based on the control paradigm no longer works. But we do not yet have a strong repertoire of practices by which to cultivate resonance as our central guiding force in the many contexts of everyday life. We seek to develop these new practices in community, through exploration and experimentation.


Establishing a New Framework

The old paradigm is anchored in a framework familiar to all of us. The new framework is yet to be established. What is its shape? What are its features? How does it serve to guide us in everyday living? We seek to articulate this new framework in terms which make it easy to assimilate and likely to propagate throughout our culture.


Having an Awesome Time

So much of the old paradigm is based on control, compromise, and sacrifice. The new paradigm features a new understanding of human nature which is in perfect accord with the broader patterns in the world. Our best way forward is to honor our authentic nature, fully free to be ourselves in every way. In other words, we intend to have a blast.


Discovering Our Expanded Selves

The new resonance paradigm recognizes the expansive truth of human nature. As we learn with one another about cultivating resonance, we find ourselves inhabiting a larger sense of who we are and what is possible. We shed the old limitations and lean into the future with excitement, hope, and a clear sense that we have much to contribute.

The Four Dimensions of Resonance Pathwork

Resonance arises through expanded awareness. By enlarging our field of attention, we enhance our experience of resonance. We do this deliberately, by weaving our attention across four inter-related dimensions of context, focus, action and time.


We inquire inward to the individual and then outward to the relationships, the group as a whole, and the broader context.


We inquire first into the known, the center of our awareness. Then we turn our attention to the margins, to what we are overlooking or ignoring.


We cycle back and forth between full immersion in our chosen action, and time out to reflect on and learn from our experience.


We start with “What Is,” here and now. Then we invite the forces and elements to reveal their natural trajectory, into “What Wants to Be.”

Four Essential Practices for the Journey

To help us cultivate greater resonance in all aspects of our lives, The Resonance Path supports us through four essential practices. These are framework practices which can help us identify and develop the many possibilities for serving resonance.

Nurturing Feeling

Feeling is the medium through which resonance travels. We draw on the discoveries and methods of Joe Shirley’s Feelingwork to deepen our capacity for discernment in feeling, enabling us to more fully inhabit the experience of resonance.

Becoming Fully Embodied

Fully inhabiting our bodies connects us to nature, to our surroundings, to one another, and to our own selves. We engage multiple practices of embodiment to expand our capacity and enhance our experience of resonance.

Exploring with Others

Our solo perspective is limited. We join with others, drawing on the discipline of Cooperative Inquiry to guide is in experimenting, observing, and learning; then applying what we learn to further cycles of exploration.

Opening to the Unknown

The realm of mystery offers great wisdom. We cultivate an intimate relationship with that which is beyond our ability to know. One of our core practices, Field Inquiry, is Spring Cheng’s re-imagining of the ancient I Ching for our modern times.

We’re creating this for you.

Our vision is for The Resonance Path to become a hub for like-minded people to contribute their gifts to the emergence of a new way of being here on Earth. We’re getting it started. Your contributions will shape what it becomes.


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