Many people say, "Things need to change."

But perhaps what needs to change first is change itself.

The way we typically try to create change involves a "goal-and-control" mindset. This approach is no longer working well in our highly complex world. In fact it may have become one of the major causes of the problems we face.

It has become impossible to predict the results of our actions or control their proliferating effects. Trying to force a goal-and-control approach propagates cascading cycles of unwanted impact. This is true whether we are talking about changing our diet or shaping the global economy.

We need a new approach that is better suited to our current problems.

At Resonance Path Institute, we are pioneering a new approach that can guide us in engaging the complex challenges we face today. Our approach is based on the principle of resonance.

The resonance principle holds that the rhythms and patterns of each element of a system reflect and influence the rhythms and patterns of everything around it. It tells us it is impossible to separate one part from another, and guides us to embrace this unity.

In resonance, we do not act upon reality, we act in a mutual dance with reality. We allow ourselves to be transformed as we participate in the larger dance, even as our transformation ripples back out and influences the world around us.

We call this approach The Resonance Path.

The effectiveness of The Resonance Path rests on three key innovations.

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When we apply the three innovations of The Resonance Path in approaching complex challenges, we experience extraordinary results.

Our outcomes turn out to be different from our expectations, but more satisfying than we could have planned or imagined before we started.

We often achieve bigger results with less effort and find ourselves feeling increasingly more energized by the unfolding scenario.

We find allies in the most unlikely places and experience chance events taking an important role in moving our effort forward.

Rather than being exhausted at the end of our work, we are refreshed and invigorated by the surprising intersection of outward events with our innermost desires.

Even though the outcomes are different than we could have imagined at the outset, we find ourselves at the end of our project saying, "Of course. Of course; it had to turn out just this way."

It's not over when it's over. Long past wrapping up the last details, we find connections and resources set in motion by our project looping back in to support us in future efforts.

We invite you to join us in exploring the limitless ways we can apply resonance to our greatest challenges.

Very soon we will be opening up a collaborative learning community. We intend to lead explorations, inspire investigations, and invite inquiry among all members of the community. Your experience is unique and we'll be counting on you to add your perspective.

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